Outdoor casualties - August 2006

The Coastguard helicopter based at Stornoway was put through its paces this weekend, with two rescue missions on the one day. First, a lady had to be airlifted from the Quiraing in northern Skye [50 miles south of Stornoway] after she had fallen 100 ft / 30 m and had sustained severe head injuries. The Quiraing is a series of large rockformations, formed by a layer of hard rock sliding off a softer layer further down. Over many thousands of years, this has left a crazy landscape of pinnacles of rock, which are a rock scrambler's or climber's paradise. You can also traverse it on foot, which I've done myself in October 2004. You need sure footing and a good deal of caution. This accident happened in a formation called The Prison (the derivation of the name is unknown), infamous for just this sort of accidents. The casualty was transferred to hospital in Broadford, 40 miles to the south.

Below picture shows The Prison - it is copyright Steven Russell

The second incident involved an elderly walker in the Lochaber district of mainland Scotland. He was travelling on foot from Lochailort towards Arisaig on the coast when he became unwell. The helicopter also airlifted him to hospital in Broadford, Isle of Skye, which is geographically speaking closest to the site of the incident.

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david c said...

Perhaps I could provide an update regarding the lady in the first story described. Anita fell on Sunday 27/8/06 and was subsequently transferred by air to the Southern General Hospital Neurosurgery ICU. She was ventilated for about 2 weeks and eventually transferred back to Belfast, Northern Ireland. She returned to her own home 6 months after the accident and recommenced work after 10 months.
She has also got married.
We are very thankful to the Coastguard team and to the Skye Mountain Rescue for their help on that day. God has been good.